CDDA's Mission


CDDA Information ManagementThe Center for Dynamic Data Analytics (CDDA) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC). CDDA's mission is to conduct integrative, multidisciplinary, transformative research that analyzes and visualizes massive, complex, multi-dimensional and multi-scale dynamic data, ultimately transforming Chaos into Knowledge and unleash the transformative potential of big data in a wide range of application domains, such as IT, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, commerce, retail, finance, insurance, media, entertainment, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, defense, security, education, and public administration.


CDDA Reality DeckThe primary goal of CDDA is to create a partnership between academia and industry to address dynamic data challenges. The CDDA continuously evolves as technological needs change and through direct contact with industry professionals. Participants of the CDDA work together to identify research themes and utilize the appropriate resources. Members of the CDDA have access to amazing technology, facilities, award-winning faculty, research scientists, and exceptional computer science students.

Research Program

The Center is motivated to solve the challenges surrounding the ever increasing amounts of data used by industry. Solutions revolve around creating scalable algorithms and methods that are practical, implementable, and effective. The focus is on massive, dynamic, complex, and multidimensional data. Proactive technologies are explored and brought to life in the fields of healthcare, entertainment, national security, and finance. 

CDDA Partners