Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology


CEWIT is home to 40 state-of-the-art research laboratories that enable extraordinary research activities. It fosters specialized research and development in all major areas of information technology and promotes interdisciplinary work among advanced technology providers and customers in leading economic sectors. Special technological capabilities include:

  • Reality Deck - A fully immersive Gigapixel display
  • Immersive Cabin - Capable of creating a synthetic, fully immersive, 3D virtual environment
  • Cybersecurity and information assurance laboratories
  • Mobile Computing Laboratory – A National Science Foundation-funded test bed for ad hoc and other emergency networks
  • Motion Capture Laboratory – Focused on facial recognition and surveillance
  • Microwave Sensor Laboratory - Design and simulation of microwave and millimeter wave circuits
  • Bioinformatics Laboratory – Researchers here focus on computational genetics, protein docking, and biostatistics networking
  • High Speed Computing Laboratory and 3D Scanning Laboratory
  • Future Home Laboratory - Serves as a model demonstration site for new wireless and information technologies
  • Specialized laboratories serving some of the nation’s largest and most rapidly growing industry sectors, including healthcare and biomedicine, transportation and logistics, and e-commerce/m-commerce.