National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research
Center for Dynamic Data Analytics (CDDA)
Spring 2015 Workshop and  Industrial Advisory Board Meeting
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
CEWIT Building, 1500 Stony Brook Road, Stony Brook, NY 11794


8:15-9:00        Registration and Continental Breakfast (Lobby)
9:00-9:10        Welcome from Stony Brook University Administrators (Room 200, 10 min) Dr. Yacov Shamash, Vice President for Economic Development and Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Stony Brook University
9:10-9:25        NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) Program (Room 200, 15 min) NSF I/UCRC Program Director Dr. Rita Rodriguez
9:25-9:45        CDDA Vision, Capabilities and Status Update (Room 200, 20 min) CDDA Directors: Dr. Arie Kaufman and Dr. Dimitris Metaxas
9:45-10:30      Keynote Talk Title TBA (Room 200, 45 min) Dr. Frederica Darema, Director of Mathematics, Information and Life Sciences, Air Force Office of Scientific Research 
10:30-10:45    Coffee Break (Lobby, 15 min)
10:45-11:15    Project Presentation 1 (20 min); Q&A and LIFE Forms (10 min) Dr. Robert Patro, Stony Brook University
11:15-11:45    Project Presentation 2 (20 min); Q&A and LIFE Forms (10 min) Dr. Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers University
11:45-12:15    Project Presentation 3 (20 min); Q&A and LIFE Forms (10 min) Dr. Minh Hoai Nguyen, Stony Brook University

12:15-1:30      Lunch & Poster Session (Lobby)
1:30-1:45        Data Analytics Research at the University of Virginia (Room 200, 15 min) Dr. Peter Beling, Department of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Virginia
1:45-2:00        Data Analytics Research at the Stevens Institute of Technology (Room 200, 15 min) Dr. Steve Yang, School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology
2:00-2:30        Project Presentation 4 (20 min); Q&A and LIFE Forms (10 min) Less is More: Building Selective Anomaly Ensemble with Application to Event Detection in Temporal Graphs, Shebuti  Rayana, Stony Brook University (CDDA Project Update)
2:30-3:00        Project Presentation 5 (20 min); Q&A and LIFE Forms (10 min) Chaowei Tan, Rutgers University (CDDA Project Update)
3:00-3:15        Coffee Break (Lobby, 15 min)
3:15-3:45        Project Presentation 6 (20 min); Q&A and LIFE Forms (10 min) Dr. Andrew Schwartz, Stony Brook University
3:45-4:00        Concluding Remarks for the Public Portion of the Workshop (Room 200, 15 min) CDDA Directors: Dr. Dimitris Metaxas and Dr. Arie Kaufman, CDDA IAB Chair: Dr. Steven Greenspan (CA Technologies) 
4:00-5:00        Poster Session, Networking, Tour and Demos (50 min)
4:00-5:00        Closed IAB Session: Summary of LIFE Form Feedbacks and Discussion on Next Steps (IAB Members Only, Room 280, 50 min) CDDA Directors: Dr. Dimitris Metaxas and Dr. Arie Kaufman; CDDA Evaluator: Dr. Connie Chang; NSF I/UCRC Program Director: Dr. Rita Rodriguez
5:00-7:00        Dinner (Hilton Garden Inn Stony Brook University)