Project Title Primary Investigator University Research Area
Process Representations for Question Answering Niranjan Balasubramanian Stony Brook Natural Language Processing
Eliminating the Data Ingestion Bottleneck in Big Data Applications Michael Bender Stony Brook Data ingestion and obstacles
BIGDATA: F: Deep Walking Graphs for Feature Extraction Steven Skiena Stony Brook Big data directions
Sensorprint: Hardware-Enforced Information Authentication for Mobile Systems. Radu Sion Stony Brook Mobile system security
Bridging Physical and Virtual Worlds: Complex Event Processing for RFID Data Streams Fusheng Wang Stony Brook RFID
The World Well-Being Project H. Andrew Schwartz Stony Brook Big data, social media, and language
Building a Visual Lexicon of Human Actions Minh Hoai Nguyen Stony Brook Viewing experience
SENSOR: Research and Development for Feature Extraction from Digital Rail Surface Images Dimitris Samaras Stony Brook Digital rail imaging
Online Performance Modeling of Opaque Cloud Applications Anshul Gandhi Stony Brook Cloud adoption and performance
Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Security Center (ITSC) Dimitris Samaras Stony Brook Infrastructure and Transportation Visualization
SUNY Innovative Educational Software Lori Scarlatos Stony Brook High Needs Educational Software
Facebook CDDA Faculty Award Leman Akoglu Stony Brook Graph Mining
Prior and Model Based Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) for 3D Image Guided Spine Surgery Klaus Meuller Stony Brook Spine Surgery Imaging
Tracking and Recognition of 3D Human Motion Mark Dilsizian Rutgers Modeling/Visualization
Fluid Flow Analysis for Cardiovascular Diagnostics Dimitris Metaxas, Leon Axel, Scott Kulp, Mingchen Gao Rutgers Life Science
Deformable Segmentation using Sparse Shape Representation Shaoting Zhang Rutgers Modeling/Visualization
Contextual Grouping in a Concept - a Multistage Decision Strategy for Electron Microscopy Segmentation Mustafa Gokhan Uzunbas, Dimitris Metaxas Rutgers Life Science
Large Scale Content-based Image Retrieval Shaoting Zhang, Xiang Yu Rutgers Data Mining
Target Segmentation from Moving Platforms for Online Video Analytics Ahmed Elgammal Stony Brook Life Science
Swift: Knowledge Representation for Project Halo Kang Li Rutgers Life Science
Discovering probabilistic dependencies via structure learning Dimitris Samaras Stony Brook Life Science
High Throughput Analysis of Behavioral Data Dimitris Metaxas Rutgers Data Mining
Network Analysis of Washington Post Social Reader Data Tina Eliassi-Rad Rutgers Data Mining
Scalable String Mining Vladimir Pavlovic Rutgers Data Mining
SILK: Knowledge Representation for Project Halo Paul Fodor Stony Brook Data Mining
Automated Non-Visual Skimming Eugene Borodin Stony Brook Data Mining
Better Sentiment Analysis Rami Al-Rfou' Stony Brook Data Mining
Dynamic Data: Challenges and Opportunities in Robotics Kostis Bekris Rutgers Modeling/Visualization
Immersive Visualization for Big Data Ari Kaufman Stony Brook Modeling/Visualization
Visual Analytics for Multivariate Big Data Zhiyuan Zhang Stony Brook Modeling/Visualization
CeleST (C. elegans Swimming Tracker): Measuring & Mining Large Scale Swimming Behavio Christophe Restif Rutgers Modeling/Visualization